"Chloe and Andrew, the Nexus Duo, have performed on more than one occasion at a monthly series of Evenings of Music I organise in South Manchester. These evenings of diverse forms of chamber music attract the highest standard of performer, and Andrew and Chloe have been amongst the finest of our players.


The medium of string duet is notoriously difficult to bring off technically, interestingly and convincingly, but the Nexus duet has given our audiences performance of technical perfection, musicality, and with  totally artistic commitment. Their ensemble technique and reciprocal responsiveness is particularly impressive, resulting in a gloriously rich sound which often gives the impression of a full string group rather than two solo instruments.


Our audiences, many of whom had never previously heard string duet music, were entranced at the first performance, and were delighted when Chloe and Andrew agreed to return for further performances.


The evenings, given so enthusiastically and with a professionalism and competence of the highest order, have remained outstanding within the series as memorable occasions.


I and my audiences are deeply grateful to them for sharing their talents with us so generously at our concert series."


Dr Robert Aston, Greygarth Evenings of Music, Rusholme, Manchester